Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi

Happy Deepawali to all my readers !!!
Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi is an indian sweet prepared from cashews, sugar and water. It is a very simple recipe which is my most favorite and very delicious sweet. I make this sweet especially during festivals like Diwali or any special occasions.
Cooking Time 1½ hour
Serves 4-5 Persons


1 Cup
3/4 Cup
1/2 Cup


  • Grind the cashews into fine powder using a cofee grinder or a mixi.
  • Take a wide pan and boil the water & sugar for 5-10 min on medium flame until you see bubbles.
  • Now add the cashews powder and stir continuously until you get the mixture thicker.
  • Test a small mixture to see whether you can do a roll.
  • Switch off the stove and let it cool for 3-5 min.
  • Remove the mixture on a countertop and knead the dough with your hands to make it soft & smooth.
  • Divide the dough into 2 parts.
  • Now take the first part and roll the dough to form like a tube and cut them into 2" length rolls.
  • Do the same process for the remaining dough.
  • Store them in air tight container at room temperature for a week.
Sending this recipe to Let's Party-Fest Celebration Event hosted by Preeti's Kitchen, to Diwali Bash event hosted by Vardini, to Celebrate Navratri/Diwali hosted by Nayna.  


  1. Yummy recipe....nice presentation toooo

  2. Happy Diwali,Kalyani..perfect way to celebrate,perfectly made..

  3. Those cashew rolls look so very tempting. Love them.

  4. Awesome recipe thanks for linking with my event... it's fantastic

  5. Wow these are yum. Love them. Thanks for your lovely comment at my place.

  6. so delicious! I'm drooling ! :) loved this recipe

  7. You have made them so perfectly, very tempting..

  8. you made it so easy. I am going to bookmark this one.

  9. These look lovely, nice presentation.

  10. Seriously yummy looking katli!!

  11. Hi Kalyani,

    I tried the recipe as it is and it tasted delicious. However I couldnt handle the hot mix to knead into a dough. So I let it cool down a bit to try again. Then noticed that it became very hard. I thought thats even better. So I let it cool completely. Then broke it into smaller pieces and made a fine powder out of it. To this powder, I added small amount of hot water and then made a dough out of it. Then followed the rest of the process as suggested by you.

    1. Thanks for trying and liking the recipe naveena ... ur idea is good to make it a powder and then add hot water ...


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